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Lia Rox Musikerin
Lia Rox Musikerin

Did you ever close all doors, turn up the radio as loud as you can and just sing or dance like crazy? Because this is what music does to me: It sets me free and I can escape, says Lia. The same feeling I try to bring across on my album. I want to reach people and take their minds away for a moment, because we all need a break in time where we can zoom off into our own world. Lia continues, „Nothing gave me more freedom than Music“.

Her forthcoming Album is full of character, honest words and new sounds. A sophisticated Pop undertone with a touch of Electro and Soul which connects the past, present and the future.

Lia Rox Musikerin
Once you meet her, you certainly won’t forget her. Lia Rox is definitely one of a kind. With her blue green yellow hair and her crazy confident outfits Lia almost looks like she is from another universe.


„When I was young I got bullied in school, even though I was a bubbly child. But it left scars.  So I started to write about everything that was troubling me and how I could overcome these situations. Kind of like a cartoon character who must fight to become a hero. And thats how I started to write songs.“ With Producer Simon Britton (Aaliyah, Ashanti, Boyz II Men, RUN DMC) and Co-Producer Jon Moon (Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, Lady Gaga) Lia developed her unique sound. She says: „My album wouldn’t be the same without Simon and Jon. They were the first ones who really understood me and my visions. We became this trio full of crazy ideas and now I finally have the chance to be myself and to be heard.“

Lia Rox, a young woman with a zany personality and deep thoughts is ready to share her world with the outside.

Lia Rox Musikerin

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